Most CCTV cameras seem to produce similar quality images when placed outside in broad daylight but it’s a very different result when images are viewed at night. They become blurry, white washed, ghost like. The new Hikvision colorVu range of CCTV cameras are here  to change night time viewing with its Ultra , ultra low light lux level of just 0.0005 in colour for a 2MP camera!  Compare this to an 8MP darkfighter CCTV camera model number DS-2CD2385G1-I , this has a lux level of 0.008 . The lower the lux level, the better the image at night.


Buy Hikvision ColorVu colour at night cameras
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ColorVu CCTV cameras are availiable in analogue for coaxail cable & IP for cat5/6 cable use. To produce images in colour in no light conditions, the cameras have built-in white light LEDS, much like your home LED lighting.

In normal street lit situations, you will get colour images and the builtin white light is switched off by default.