Tired of those wireless dead-spots in your home? Frustrated with slow file transfers because of interference in your wireles network? At Jtekk we supply and install wireless extension systems, designed to completely eliminate deadspots and unwanted interferences in todays digital homes.

WiFi over Coax

Jtekk’s wireless extension system allows both tv /internet and wireless signals to be distributed over a standard coax cable. Coaxial Cable WiFi Router is specially designed for home Wlan extender.solution through 300Mbps coaxial cable transmission The coaxial Wifi router combining home WiFi signals with CATV signals, routing to the WOC socket outlet in each individual room through the existing coaxial cable to transmit high performance WiFi.

It meets IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless standards and offers four 100M Ethernet ports, With the data transfer rates of up to 300Mbps, it is ideal choice for bandwidth heavy users that rely on speedy, reliable connections for bandwidth intensive work or entertainment such as lag-free conference calls, HD video streaming or online gaming. It provides you multiple wireless modes including Access Point, AP Router, Client, WDS, and WISP, for flexible wireless network setup and deployment.

With the jtekk Wifi over Coax Solution, home users can combine 4 way RF coaxial splitter and wireless router on the device by leveraging the existing coaxial cable without the difficulty installing new ones for simplified deployments. Create 4 reproductions of a single CATV signal, which incorporating one simple CATV RF coaxial input and 4 way coaxial output, for connection to round coaxial cable with F-connectors.It will avoid indoor WIFI path loss through walls, fully extend home Wlan range by making use of the existing coax cable network to get a better wireless signal. What’s more, it supports Passive Power over Coax (POC), convenient for deployment in areas without power outlets.

How Technology Is Changing The Way We See The World

There is no deniying that in the mordern world we are spoilt when it comes to technology. Many of us will even admit that it is something that we simply can’t live without now.

From speedy access to the internet on-the-go to the ability to instantly get in touch with almost anyone in the world by dialling just a few digits; recent technological developments have changed the way we live our lives.

Rest assured you will be giving our engineers the THUMPS UP after we rectified your wireless dead spots. Jtekks highley qualified wifi network engineers install wifi solutions from small homes to large businesses.